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It is a document with a concise, coherent, compelling pro-family worldview and program of action.

What does it say?

The work begins by telling “the story of the family” and then places our current family crisis in historical context. It offers our vision, a set of principles on which we build, and a concrete cultural and political agenda. It outlines our view of liberty, responds to anticipated accusations, and explains our relationship to allied campaigns. In the end, we summon all people of goodwill to join a great cause.

Why a Manifesto?

This format pushes writers toward a clarity of vision and an economy of words. It requires an articulation of principles and an honesty towards historical circumstance. It discourages disheveled thought and half-truths. It demands a careful balance between the universal and the specific.

With what authority do we write?

At one level, we are simply two men who share a deep concern for our children, our nation, and our civilization. We cannot claim the backing of any political party nor do we speak as the leaders of large organizations. However, we do offer here our respective backgrounds—one as historian and writer, the other as policy analyst and activist—and our common work through the World Congress of Families as credentials.  We make no claim in this Manifesto to having discovered something altogether new. We have learned from many friends and colleagues, as well as from wise men and women of the past. We ride here on their shoulders, hoping only that we have added to their work and legacy in some significant way.

Can we turn words into reality?

If you agree with the main thrust of this Manifesto, we invite you to give it your endorsement.  By joining us, you will add to the document’s influence and help turn words into reality.  To do so please contact us at:

Either way, we would be delighted to welcome you as part of our common endeavor.  Godspeed.

We are developing a book length manuscript that will expand on the argument found in this Manifesto and mobilize the scientific and historical evidence behind our statements. We hope that his volume will be available by the end of 2005.

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